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This subject of the Illuminati and their plan to create a New World Order is on the tongues of many people and many people are involved in the discussion of this subject. However alongside with some useful information most of them are trapped in the lies and deception of disinfo agents. I would like to provide a brief idea and try to explain using the works of various true researchers the modus operandi and plans of the ruling elite. But remember that this topic concerning the Illuminati and the New world Order is just too voluminous and complex to be covered in few articles.

Who are the ruling elite or the Illuminati

The Illuminati is a term used to define the hidden rulers of the world. They are the 13 major international banking families and the royal families around the world. The 13 international banking families are the Astor, Bundy, Collins, Dupont, Onassis, Li, Freeman, Kennedy, Reynolds, Russell, Rockefeller, Rothschild, Van Duyn, alongside the Royal families of Europe and elsewhere  and some more interconnected bloodlines comprise of the Illuminati. Most people mistake the Illuminati with the Order of the Illuminati. There is a huge difference between the two. In the modern context the Illuminati is just a term to define the ruling elite, while the order of the illuminati was a movement started in 1776 in Germany by a man named Adam Weishaupt.

Adam Weishaupt

The core principles of that movement were the abolition of governments, monarchies, religion, private property, inheritance and of the family institution. However the plot of Adam Weishaupt and his followers was uncovered by the Authorities, their houses searched and their writings were exposed and published openly. The movement was made illegal and by the by the year 1798 its followers went underground. In reality Adam Weishaupt was just a puppet of the Rothschild family.

House of the Rothschilds

How does the ruling elite operate

The Illuminati rules the world through primary three methods.

1) Being in control of the Institutes of power.
2) Compartmentalization.
3) Rigid belief system for the masses.

The rule is the same if you want to control an individual, group, town, city, nation or the world as a whole you must get in control of the institutes of power.

1) The Institutes of power which you need to have power over to control the world are

a) Economic and Financial system (Multinational Banks , Transnational Corporations).

b) High level politicians and bureaucrats. (The Elite class of politics) – This gives one power over  various government departments like finance, military, Intelligence agencies and Even education system.

c) Supranational Institutions such as the United Nations, BRICS and G-groups.

d) The International financial institutions such as IMF, WTO, World Bank and BIS.

e) The Culture Creation Industry (Movie industry, TV channels, Radio, Music industry, Fashion industry).

f)  The Mainstream Media (News channels, Newspapers and Magazines).

g)  Major Foundations and Think tanks (Council on Foreign Relations, Bilderberg group, Trilateral Commission,  Aspen Institute etc.).

h) Education System : You must decide what is taught in schools and universities.

That’s all you need in order to have control over and rule the world.

2) Create a compartmentalized system : A system with lots of hierarchies and bureaucracies and sit at the top of the pyramid or the pinnacle of power to regulate everything. Many people don’t even know how their institution works because they are at lower levels of the system. They never understand how their organization truly works, they just follow orders and commands from their heads. Only the Elite at the top has the complete picture and know the true purpose of the Organization. Media Empires, Transnational corporation, NATO are structured in this way.

3) Give the masses a rigid belief system : This is done so that they self police each other and make life miserable for everyone. The sheep must keep the other sheep in line. Making it impossible to escape the prison without bars. This narrow mentality must be the part of the social framework of the society.

International monetary fund

Disinformation agents of the Illuminati

Now you may ask if the Illuminati is so powerful then how come there is so much information about them on the internet. Well the Illuminati knew that the internet was coming before they gave internet to us. They plan the future. It was essential for their control purposes. They needed to collect our personal data, more distraction, hooked up in virtual reality. But they knew with loads of info on the net anyone can find about them and their plans. So how to counter this danger ? The Illuminati decided that they will give the information to the public themselves. They will choose what the public will know. That’s why most info on the net is actually disinfo perpetuated by Illuminati agents. Some Facts are mixed with all kinds of nonsense. You should understand that if the illuminati have to be successful in their goals of achieving a one world government dictatorship and to create a New World Order, they must have to implant disinfo agents to discredit true researchers and to overshadow their work. You need to understand the researchers involved in the discussion of the Illuminati, NWO, Freemasonry. There are 7 such people. Let me explain.

1) True researchers : Who come up with objective factual study and use the elite documents themselves in many cases.

2) Extremist : These people purpose extreme methods such as rioting or following popular movements (all popular movements come from top to down).

3) Exaggerates : These people give excessive attention to a specific point such as secret societies and they never cover other parts of the Illuminati system such as central Banking, culture creation, think tanks and foundations like CFR etc.

4) Aliens Researchers : These people first come up with lots of useful information but then they come up with the alien nonsense and help to discredit everything all together specially to the people who are new to this subject.

5) Reptilians : Similar to aliens but blaming reptiles instead. Reptilian shape shifting theories are perpetuated by these guys.

6) New Agers : Initially exposing the agenda but then looping their followers back into the system by providing the New age spirituality as the solution. New ageism is part of the elite game. These people promote new age doctrines.

7) Gatekeepers : Never allowing their followers to go beyond a certain level of understanding.

Apart from the 1) true researchers all the other 2), 3), 4), 5), 6), 7) are disinfo agents.

Disinfo agent David Icke

Defining the New World Order

The New World Order or the agenda of these elite people is to create a new world system. This system is characterized by the following.
A World State. – Only one system for the entire world. One Political, Social, Economical system.
A New type of humanity – Building a new slave class of humans with Transhumanism and Genetically engineering them.
End of previous notions concerning consumerism, gender, property rights, inheritance and giving birth, all traditional habits and culture will be ended.
A New world religion that is the New Age Spirituality and Pantheistic Nature worship.
A completely scientifically controlled population living in Smart Cities that are now being built worldwide.

Now how does this agenda keeps on pacing.

The agenda is moving forward at a great pace and most people don’t even know it exist. Most people don’t realize that world events and changes and on global scale are manipulated and guided by the ruling elite. This is because of things/events/treaties etc that are part of agenda or at least related to it are perceived in the following ways. 1) Completely unnoticed. 2) Natural progression. 3) Willful Choice. 4) Useful change. 5) Resentful development. Let me explain all these points one by one.

1) Completely Unnoticed : These are laws, rules and treaties, which major politicians sign regarding SEZ, Forex markets, Free trade, PPP,  Integration of economics systems, Privatization of nations Industry, UN agenda 21 and many more. Nobody from the general masses knows about these laws and treaties and how they are used to create unions like the (Soviet) EU and how the New (soviet) American Union is being created. The general Public doesn’t have the sufficient knowledge and the intelligence to understand these laws, rules and treaties and how they will affect their lives in the future. One of the reason why they get passed completely unnoticed.

2) Natural Progression : These are events/ changes people can understand or at least can get a basic idea of what they are. The illuminati elite controlled mass media deceives the public into believing that these events are natural but in reality they are artificially created by Elite themselves or are a complete hoax for example Global warming, Wars, Terrorism, Financial crisis (recession and depression). All these events are part of the agenda for example global warming is used to introduce carbon taxes, lock us in habitat areas etc. Terrorism is used to take away our civil liberties and freedom and to create a police state.

Fake Global warming

3) Willful Choice : These are things that people believe they want to do but in reality they are marketed to them by the mass media and is part of the sinister agenda. They are brainwashed to do all that stuff by the media and popular culture. For example All New age spirituality stuff is all a big part of the agenda. But people keep on following these New age gurus and babas like Deepak Chopra. New age spirituality is the envisioned world religion for the New world order. The new age spirituality is used to end all organised religion. Media markets this religion very well. So many blockbuster movies are based on Hinduism like Matrix, Star wars, Space Odyssey, Avatar etc. So many celebrities promote it like Oprah Winfrey. New age practices like Yoga are the daily task of most people. Similarly other ideas are also marketed to the public for example rule by experts is great, take drugs, sex culture, transgenderism, spend time watching sports and other trivia etc.

4) Useful Changes : These are changes that most people are deceived into believing  will help them. But just like everything that can be used can also be misused. Just like nuclear fission can be used to create electricity and can also be misused to create Weapons of Mass destruction. These are changes like National ID card, Collection of all personal data in a centralized government computer, UID, RFID microchipping and so forth. People can’t calculate or understand that these changes will be misused and not what they are made to believe.

5) Resentful Development : Changes that people don’t like and are part of the agenda. Like multiculturalism which is a big part of the agenda and is used to break your National Identity. The elite supplies controlled opposition to fight against such changes. Ultimately nothing changes as the fake leaders mislead the public.