Disinformation Techniques used in the Alternative Media


The Alternative Media Circus

Note on Disinformation

The elite doesn’t want people to learn the truth. They don’t want the masses to wake up. But they also know that they can’t stop researchers from exposing them in this digital age. The best way to silence their critics is to spread disinformation and make them look ridiculous. The elite directed intelligence agencies set out disinfo agents who claim to expose the ruling elite and their system. While giving out some good information, they also peddle silly things like aliens, reptiles, flat earth etc. This mixing of genuine information with bogus theories ultimately destroys the credibility of the alternative media and the truth movement. To throw the baby out with the bath water as the idiom says. These disinformation agents are well paid and well trained. They have expensive studios (Alex Jones) and they lecture travelling around the world (David Icke).

To put it another way, there are researchers like you who also believe in geoengineering, gmo harm, police state formation, false flags, vaccine dangers, power of Bilderberg, CFR etc but some of these guys also believe and peddle theories like aliens, ufo, crop circle, reptiles, flat earth, annunaki, nibiru etc. In short what these people are doing is mixing facts with fiction.

So on one hand you have genuine information and believable facts and on the other hand you have bogus and outlandish theories. The two are blended together and a mishmash is created and presented to the naive public. Most people unfortunately reject the truer parts along with the nonsense and this is the very purpose of this whole blending of very different kinds of information together.

Mainstream media love these disinfo guys and always use them to discredit the whole movement.
Media always tries to label anything that is against the official narrative as a conspiracy theory. They always try to connect alternative media with conspiracy theories and lunacy. All serious researchers from the truth movement are ignored and the crazy looking people like Alex Jones and David Icke are always presented to the public. Lots of these frauds are out there like Jones, Icke, Tsarion, Maxwell, Wilcock etc. What the anti alternative media people who like to pose as rationalists, skeptics and also mainstream media does is that they always use these frauds to attack all of the alternative media.
They always present these guys to the public who mix it all up. They get coverage in newspapers and even have TV appearances.

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Alex Jones on CNN and David Icke on BBC

Some of the techniques used by disinformation agents.

1.Make look crazy: Spread theories like aliens, reptile shape shifters, nibiru, flat earth etc

2. Create Confusion: Overload your audience with disconnected information, use bogus language, flood the market with thousands of books and with this keep your followers in a state of confusion. Muddy the waters, lots of junk books will cloud all the meaningful and authentic books.

3. Misdirect:  Spread things like New age spirituality, free energy pseudosciences etc
By following the new age people are lured back into the NWO agenda through a different door. People are also deceived into wasting their time in pseudosciences instead of learning something useful like think tanks such as CFR.

4. Exaggerate: Give over coverage to some topics like secret societies and never mention anything else that can be helpful in exposing the wider agenda.

5. Target a single group: Keep attacking a single group like Jews or Jesuits or Freemasons etc Blaming one group for everything is not right. It’s not just one group but many different powers that are working towards this NWO.

7. False predictions: Keep making false prediction like 2012 disaster, everyone will be microchipped by 2017, everyone in FEMA Camps by 2011 etc. When these predictions don’t become true, people tend to lose faith. This is another method to destroy the credibility of the alternative media.

8. Make them follow popular movements: All popular movements like Occupy Wall Street come from the top and that is why mainstream media gives them so much coverage.

9. Offer fake solutions: False solutions like buy gold and silver, vote for this party or that guy. There are tons of buy gold and silver sites in the alternative media, this is not a true solution, as one can’t eat gold and silver when the globalists cut the food supply. Also voting won’t change much, one needs to change the constitution and laws. This system is just too big to be changed by one man and also he will be assassinated in no time if he goes against the elitist agenda.

10. Keep adding false theories to an event/agency/institution: Like for example in case of 9/11, now there are so many bogus theories like mini nukes were used, holographic planes, no planes, Jews were absent on that day from the WTC, It was all about insurance money etc. This is a clever way to stop people from looking into genuine theories.