Disinformation and the truth movement


 The CIA runs the truth movement

Disinformation is a warfare tactic mainly used by governments. The purpose of disinformation is to discredit an enemy or political dissenters. It has been well documented that intelligence agencies in the past have been behind numerous successful disinformation operations.
Intelligence agencies keep a very close eye on all activities and movements. The heads of intelligence agencies know very well that they are there to protect the elite at all costs.
The elite foresaw the coming digital age and devised effective strategies to counter all threats to them in this coming information age. They know the future, because they create it. With the advent of the internet and the free flow of information they realized the danger of getting exposed by individuals who would for sure form a truth movement that would certainly unmask them. They devised the strategy to counter this danger by spreading disinformation. They set up individuals and groups in advance to lead the (fake) truth movement. Giving the public leaders themselves, who in reality are misleaders.
One of the main goals of intelligence agencies like the CIA and MI6 became to discredit the alternative news and information that exposes the existence of this ruling elite and their plans.

How Disinformation Works

Disinformation is intentionally false or inaccurate information that is spread deliberately.
A common disinformation tactic is to mix some truth and facts with lies and misleading conclusions.

Disinformation is an act of deception.

Joseph W. Caddell discusses five types of deception in his December 2004 monograph Deception 101 – Primer on deception:
Strategic Deception: Deception which disguises your basic objectives, intentions, strategies, and capabilities.
Operational Deception: Deception which confuses or diverts an adversary in regard to a specific operation or action you are preparing to conduct.
Tactical Deception: Deception which misleads others while they are actively involved in competition with you, your interests, or your forces.
“A” Type Deception: “Ambiguity Deception” geared toward creating general confusion.
“M” Type Deception: “Misleading Deception” designed to mislead an adversary into a specific and preconceived direction.

All above five types of deception are used in the truth movement.

The method of operation : Mixing of facts with fiction

The primary goal of disinformation in our context is to discredit and misdirect.
They set up individuals and groups in advance to lead the (fake) truth movement. These individual are very well funded and are helped to get a large audience. That’s why many of them also get mainstream media coverage. If someone is telling the complete truth then he will never be on mainstream media. (like David Icke does).

David Icke believes in Reptilian shape shifters


Discrediting the alternative media is an essential task that these disinfo agents have to accomplish. These disinfo agents help to do so by flooding the internet with nonsensical stuff like aliens , reptiles and so on. Mixing it with legitimate and genuine information regarding the Illuminati and the New World Order. They mix facts with fiction. They write and speak about the federal reserve, plans for a global government, false flag operations, corporate media deception etc but then they talk about aliens, reptilians, new age mumbo jumbo and other ludicrous stuff. When the moment people hear them talk about aliens, reptile shape shifters or that moon is an alien spaceship they immediately stop listening to them any further. People lose all their curiosity and interest. Many people then consider everything they have spoken on as also some kind of meaningless rubbish. This way they successfully turn people away from believing in the true parts of their speech like the federal reserve being a private central bank or global governance agenda.
All the sensible information is also not believed along with the absurd theories they perpetuate.
This is how information is perpetuated and the message people get. –

Illuminati, Rockefeller,  NWO,  Bilderberg, CFR, 9/11 inside job, Consciousness is expanding, Freemasonry, Lady Gaga is Illuminati, Moon is an alien spaceship,  UN Agenda 21, DNA activation, Illuminati playing cards, Kundalini activation, Fake wars, Nibiru, Control of global economy, Free energy suppression, Media propaganda, Pyramid on the dollar bill, Crop circles, Presidents are reptiles , World government, Aliens are ruling the world, Population reduction, Reptilian shape shifting lizard, FED is a private bank, Zionism , Chemtrails , Star Sirius, GMO food, Vaccine damage, Predictive programming, Crystal healing, Rothschilds, Annunaki, Moon landing hoax, School is for indoctrination etc

This is how everything is mixed up and presented together. Think tanks, treaties, aliens, false flags, reptiles, new age doctrines, politics, economy all mixed together.

This is the perfect method to discredit and stop people from believing in the true parts.
These disinfo agents have turned the truth movement into some kind of a circus.

Misdirect and Confuse

Another goal that is accomplished by these disinfo agents is that they misdirect the people who still believe in them. These fake truthers make a fool of their followers and after telling some truth they spin them off into a wrong direction.  Their followers are left reading and discussing aliens, reptilians, new age doctrines, free energy pseudosciences or some other distraction.
We are going to fight and defeat these dynastic elite families by exposing who they are, what they believe in, how their system works and where they are taking us, only then something can be expected to change. Talking about aliens or reptiles or new age teachings is not the solution. We should discuss serious topics like Bilderberg group, CFR, Trilateral commission, BIS, IMF, global governance, central banking, free trade, privatization, police state, Orwellian smart cities, geoengineering , microchipping, Agenda 21,  transhumanism, fake wars, poisonous GMO food, Biometric ID cards etc.
Talking about aliens, reptilians, nibiru, chakras, free energy pseudosciences is not going to change anything. The only result of mixing it all up and presenting it in this way is that others won’t take you seriously and everything you say will be considered as a joke.

Another major thing disinfo agents do is that they create massive confusion.
They keep their followers in a state of confusion. Their followers lack a good understanding and nothing is clear to them.  There is no manifesto, no  coherent information, no context,  no outline, no framework, just lots of random, disconnected and unrelated data. They mix all kinds of disconnected, unrelated information together and talk on hundreds of different topics in order to create confusion.

True Researchers Disregarded.

Once their shills have hijacked the truth movement then it doesn’t matter even if someone is telling the complete truth because the truth is lost in the web of disinformation. Disinfo agents outnumber true researchers and their work is ignored. They are also not taken seriously by the general public. People assume they also must be believing in wacky alien theories. True researchers lose reliability and credibility just because people associate them with these disinfo agents and not because they are wrong or making errors but because these fakes use many same terms and speak on topics they do, people then also associate them with these disinfo agents and consider them just like one of these disinfo lunatics.
Now we have these buzz words and slang like “conspiracy theorists”, “tin foil hat”, that’s a famous label now, anyone holding an alternative viewpoint is now called as a tin foil hat guy.

The Debunkers

Once the truth movement has been hijacked by these disinfo agents and implants and they have successfully built this ridiculous image of the alternative media and turned the movement into some kind of circus then what intelligence agencies do is that they set their agents who act as debunkers. So they create both the disinformation agents and the debunker agents. They also set up  individual  who act as skeptics, rationalists, conspiracy psychologists and write lengthy material debunking the conspiracies across the internet. The debunkers run skepticism and rationalism websites and they try to debunk the endless conspiracy theories. With the fictional theories they also attack the real ones applying fallacious reasoning and twisted logic. People fall for the lies of these pseudo skeptics just because of the outlandish theories perpetuated by the fake truthers. The only reason people reject the legitimate information is because of these bogus and absurd theories that are mixed with them.

Some famous disinfo agents and sources are

Jones during his joker episode

  • David Icke
  • Alex Jones
  • Jordan Maxwell
  • Jim Marrs
  • Michael Tsarion
  • Zecharia Sitchin
  • Robert Anton Wilson
  • Coast to Coast AM
  • Nexus Magazine

The list  is actually very long.


Don’t get me wrong these people speak a lot of truth but then mix it with fiction. Some argue that these guys have done a lot to awaken many people but the reality is that they have turned away way more people than they have awakened. They have done more harm than good. People after listening to them reject the alternative sources and consider them as part of the internet conspiracy culture.
Exposing the disinfo agents and disinformation sources is as important as exposing the elite.


7 thoughts on “Disinformation and the truth movement

  1. Lance, Your information is fascinating. I cannot wait to engross myself in the topics, subject matter you have introduced in your article and discussed in your comments. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and encouraging your audience to explore and investigate!

  2. The disinfo/spys/social engineer people are everywhere. “Psychic channeler Diandra” in Chicago along with her partner Batavia are both in the illuminati. I once heard a serious MK ULTRA researcher (Stewart Swerdlow) say that people who change their names to culturally inappropriate names and say that God gave them the new name are CIA/illuminati mind control victims.That is what Batavia used to say. And he would not tell us his real name. And he was a military officer, but didn’t want to talk about what he did. I used to go to Diandra’s channelings when I didn’t know any better. I suspect she is a mind control victim too.

  3. What a great article! I feel it’s worth mentioning that not all disinfo agents KNOW they are such. When the establishment see someone with too strong an influence, or who’s coming dangerously close to The Truth- they often purposefully muddy the waters.
    The fantastic documentary “Mirage Men” exposed this side of affairs- apparently they are heavily involved in that community because many “aliens” are actually government aircraft. The film provided some cases of TACTICAL targetings of researchers, sometimes with devastating effect.
    Also, thank you for calling out Mark Dice. He’s been working hard to discredit Hunter S. Thompson as a snuff-filming satanist hobnobbing in the bohemian grove, murdering and raping at will because he was just SO TIGHT with that crowd.
    HST has done more legitimate muckraking in a single coked-out fugue than Mark Dice could do in a lifetime.

  4. Great article! You could add to the list Above Top Secret forums, Eric Dubay (flat earth) and Mark Dice who openly defends Alex Jones and works hard to create celebrity haters of his followers.

    Also, maybe a nice idea to add a list of credible teachers? And teachers that were severely damaged by false accusations and jail time: Kent Hovind, Fritz Springmeier, Bill Schnoebelen. And of course the ones who were assassinated for telling too much; Bill Cooper, John Todd, Aaron Russo, Ted Gunderson (FBI).

    Finally, even if we would talk about the real problems over and over again, the elite are still way too powerful with their mass media, so I don’t think we can ever win from them with the means that we have. What is your idea of really defeating the elite? How???

    1. Hi Enoch Generation, thanks for reading.

      My idea to defeat the elite is non cooperation.

      But the first step is unity and awareness (knowledge).
      I think mass awakening is essential for our successful rebellion. As you know we don’t have control of mainstream media, so alternative media is our only source to spread information and inform the public. Its true that without the help of mainstream media it’s impossible to reach a very large audience but we still can reach enough people and motivate them to become active in spreading the word and to join the fight. We can succeed in at least creating a significant effect. Unity is strength. Who knows our efforts can have a ripple effect as we become a single unified group.

      But the first step isn’t being accomplished because their disnfo agents are spinning the people in hundred different directions and creating confusion.
      How will you fight something you don’t properly understand. Your followers should have a clear understanding of the issues at hand. They should know what they are fighting and why they are fighting. That’s why their well trained disinfo agents create confusion. Their disinfo agents make it sure that nothing is clear and their followers are kept moving in circles.

      Just like they control the media, they also control the police and military. Just like we can’t counter the media propaganda, we can’t defeat the police and the military.
      Keep in mind that the elite uses our own people to enslave us.
      The police and military is made up of ordinary people. Average person unknowingly works for them. Even the scientists come from ordinary families, we build the technology that is used against us.
      The Rothschilds or the Rockefellers don’t go to fight wars or they don’t teach and indoctrinate our children at schools.

      We will be free if we stop being complaint sheeps who work mindlessly for their system.

      If people stop working for them, then their system will collapse. People who work for the military, police, corporations, banks, academia should stop doing so and join our cause. Then these elitist will be powerless. We then will have the perfect opportunity to get rid of them and their system once and for all.

      You know that the Reparation treaty of Versailles was imposed on Germany after WW I. In December 1922 Germany failed to supply scheduled quantities of timber and coal to the Allies. The Allied Reparation Commission declared it “voluntary default”. On January 11, 1923, the armies of France and Belgium moved in and occupied the entire valley of Ruhr up to the east of Dortmund. This was one of the richest mining areas of Germany. About 80% of German iron ore, steel and coal was produced in Ruhr. Germany decided to adopt the non cooperation method to fight. The German Chancellor Wilhelm Carl Josef Cuno directed the people in Ruhr not to cooperate in any way but remain peaceful. Passive resistance became the policy of Ruhr against France and Belgium. The people of Ruhr refused to cooperate with French officers. The entire mining industry and the railway network in Ruhr came to a standstill. The non corporation approach was successful. France tried a lot of techniques to defeat it, like encouraging separatist movements in Ruhr, blocking anything from passing in or out from Ruhr and even imprisoning of German officials in Ruhr. But all French efforts failed. France and Belgium were forced to leave by 1925.
      I think this incidence has an important lesson for us.

      We can defeat anything if we are united.
      I think non cooperation is the way to defeat the ruling elite. Individuals and true leaders can lead and organize the public towards a successful worldwide non cooperation movement.
      The elite will do whatever it takes to crush our revolt. They will try to divide us, create fear and panic, but if we stay strong and adherent to our goals then the elite will ultimately have to give up.

      1. Thank you for your extended answer. I get your point and indeed, their tactic has always been ‘divide and conquer’ so to stop that we should unite and resist (by non cooperation). Great example you give there too. And although I totally agree with you on this theory, I wonder about your view upon the real powers in this world. Do you believe the elite are the true deceivers? Is there not anyone (or anything) out there controlling them? Are they truly independent? What about the corruption of human nature? Selfishness, irreverence and indifference of the masses? What about the bible foretelling the end of times, with a world leader (and world government) and the mark of the beast which makes nobody can buy or sell without it, hinting strongly to a coming cashless society? My guess is that the elite planned the NEED for a relative small amount of people resisting the New World Order. Organizing this from the inside with the help of controlled opposition like Alex Jones and others, so they can lead society in chaos and martial law. And then: “ordo ab chao”; from the chaos a world leader rises to restore peace again and to bring an end to the resisting ‘terrorists’.

        You thoughts on all these things are much appreciated 🙂

      2. The elite are not controlled by some external force but by their own odd belief systems.
        They are psychopaths, that’s their nature, which is why they are so evil. There is an excellent book on this subject called political ponerology which shows how people in power are generally pyschopaths. Political Ponerology by Andrew M. Lobaczewski

        Apart from their psychopathic nature they have these odd beliefs that guide their actions. They believe they are an evolved species and they have the right to rule the masses, they believe in Darwinism, they also believe in Eugenics, Malthusian theory and of course Luciferianism.

        Right to Rule – They believe they have the right to rule and are alone capable of world management. They think themselves as the philosopher kings of Plato’s Republic. They love Plato and keep quoting him in their works. Plato laid down lots of ideas regarding how to rule the masses below in his dialogue the Republic. Plato techniques included the elimination of the family, Eugenics, state taking over children, use of arts to create culture, removing distinction between man and woman. Plato is a hero to them.
        John Ruskin was heavily influenced by Plato and delivered lectures to the rich and privileged undergraduates, when he became professor of fine arts in 1870 at the Oxford University. His lectures inspired one of his listeners Cecil Rhodes who later made a vast fortune from diamond mining.
        Cecil Rhodes to work on those goals Ruskin talked about created a secret society called Round Table with the help of other elitist Milner and Rothschilds. Round table led to the creation of Royal Institute of International Affairs and its american branch the Council on Foreign Relations.

        The elite are also Darwinist and believe in the theory of evolution and consider them highly evolved. Darwin was from a masonic elite family, his grand father Erasmus Darwin was a high level mason, who was Initiated into Lodge St. David’s No.36 Edinburgh in 1754. He was the first one to come up with the theory of evolution. He was also a friend of Benjamin Franklin, Franklin was grand master of Provincial Grand Lodge in Pennsylvania and was also a member of other masonic lodges and secret societies like La Loge des Neuf Sœurs (The Nine Sisters) in France and Hell fire Club in UK.

        Ian Taylor wrote an excellent book on this its called In the Minds of Men : Darwin and the New World Order. read here

        The elite also believe in Eugenics – they intermarry among themselves only and keep their stock pure as they see it. The average person to them has junk genes. They believe in Malthusian theory that the earth can sustain only a limited population and there is a need to check population growth. That’s why they are behind massive population control campaigns. The want to drastically reduce the world population. The remaining population will be modified to be better workers, that’s what transhumanism is all about.

        Lucifer to them is not Satan or someone evil but rather a symbol of enlightenment and progress. They think Lucifer freed mankind from bondage and gave mankind the gift of reason and showed them the path to enlightenment and in this away triggered their ascension towards godhood. This concept of man becoming god has a deep resonance with the teachings of mystery religions. Lucifer is like the Greek Myth of Prometheus. Prometheus who stole fire from the gods and gave it to mankind. Rockefeller Center has a giant statue of Prometheus.


        Human nature – I thinks its a very lengthy topic. In short I like to say that in this day and age people are indeed selfish, apathetic to others and materialistic but that’s not naturally but because of the culture the elite have created. They control the education system and the culture industry, They don’t allow true human nature to come to the surface. So we are not truly free and act on our own free will but rather the guys at the top pull our strings. Read the book The Cultural Cold War by Frances Stonor Saunders. She did an incredible job to show the role of CIA in guiding the American and Western European culture, but remember that’s not just limited to the cold war. They have been controlling and changing our culture for a long time. Any major change in culture can never happen if its not authorized by the powers that be. You see they have incredible research on human behavior and they keep on experimenting further whether secretly like in the case of MK Ultra experiments or openly like in the Obedience to Authority experiment.

        Cashless society and electronic tattoos are now mainstream. Despite Mark of beast warning they are working towards creating a cashless society. Denmark can become the first cashless society (http://money.cnn.com/2015/06/02/technology/cashless-society-denmark/) The Dawn of the Payment Tattoo (http://www.paymentssource.com/news/paythink/the-dawn-of-the-payment-tattoo-3018645-1.html)

        One of the goals of the elite is to prepare the world for the World Teacher. The elite are behind Theosophy from the very beginning. Theosophy is what laid the foundations of the modern New Age Movement. The World Teacher is an important concept in their doctrines. Jiddu Krishnamurti who was found in 1895 by Theosophist Charles Leadbeater and Raised by Annie Besant was considered to be the future World teacher but in 1929 he denounced this role.
        Benjamin Creme another theosophist in the 1970s was claiming the World Teacher has arrived but that didn’t happened. He later wrote a book The World Teacher for All Humanity.

        I think people will accept the world leader and his new age teachings just like the cashless society.
        I hope I answered your questions.

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