Beware of Disinformation

Disinformation Dissemination

The best way to keep the public away from learning the truth is to spread disinformation , that’s the most effective way to discredit every thing all together. Intelligence agencies have been well documented for running successful disinfo campaigns. Here are some examples. Disinformation by the KGB – According to senior SVR officer Sergei Tretyakov, the KGB was responsible for creating the entire nuclear winter story to stop the Pershing missiles.  Tretyakov says that from 1979 the KGB wanted to prevent the United States from deploying the missiles in Western Europe and that, directed by Yuri Andropov, they distributed disinformation, based on a faked “doomsday report” by the Soviet Academy of Sciences about the effect of nuclear war on climate, to peace groups, the environmental movement and the journal AMBIO.  Another successful example of Soviet disinformation was the publication in 1968 of Who’s Who in the CIA which was quoted as authoritative in the West until the early 1990s. {source Wikipedia}

What is Disinformation

Disinformation is intentionally false or inaccurate information that is spread deliberately. It is an act of deception and false statements to convince someone of untruth. Disinformation is designed to manipulate the audience at the rational level by either discrediting conflicting information or supporting false conclusions. A common disinformation tactic is to mix some truth and observation with false conclusions and lies, or to reveal part of the truth while presenting it as the whole (a limited hangout).{Wikipedia}.

Disinfo Agent David Icke

That is what most talking about the ruling elite do. The Internet is full of disinfo documentaries like Thrive and Disinfo agents like David Icke , Michael Tsarion , Jordan Maxwell , Nassim Haramein.

How these disinfo agents operate

Thats what these people who talk about the NWO and the Elite do. They deliberately mix facts with fiction in order to discredit the whole thing. This is how these people operate. These disinfo agents talk about many true things like Fiat currency and Central banking , Police state creation , Transhumanism , RFID chips , UN Agenda 21 , Foundations and think tanks like CFR , Trilateral Commission , World government etc then what they do is that they mix it up all this with all kinds of absurd , bogus , outlandish and surreal stuff like Aliens , Reptilian shape shifters , Star Sirius aliens , moon is an alien space craft ,Crop circles , Annunaki , sacred geometry , Nibru etc and also all kinds of New Age mumbo jumbo like crystal healing , Tarot cards , Pineal galand activation , evolution of consciousness etc. The result of all this is that it completely discredits all the meaningful and sensible things they have talked about. People stop researching any further and are deceived into believing all this is just paranoid conspiracies. That is their true objective. One more objective it accomplishes is that it misdirects the people who are still believing in all this into the wrong direction and their followers are left discussing Aliens or Reptilian nonsense. Apart from this another technique that use is spreading confusion by perpetuating many different theories on a particular subject. So that nothing is clear and peoples mind remain confused. Once you have labeled it all as some kind of outlandish conspiracy people will naturally ignore all this.

Controlled and Financed by the Elite themselves

Without any doubt these people are implanted by the very establishment they claim to oppose. These disnfo agents are made popular and symbols of alternative media by the Elite themselves. So that they can be used to create  an image that the people who are into all this research regarding a global elite are a bunch of lunatics. Thats the goal and this is the reason why even mainstream media covers them. You wont be on the mass media if you are really telling the truth. The motivation is to reach the public first and familiarize themselves regarding information of a ruling elite , world government etc and mix it up with UFOs , shape shifters etc in order to discredit all the meaningful stuff. Once they have done this they have succeeded in keeping the public away from researching any further and discovering the elite and their system. How many times has it happened that you have approached someone to start a discussion regarding 9/11 truth , global government , New World Order or any related topic and the person you are talking to had asked when will the aliens come or reptilians come or has said I am tired of you tin foil hat guys . That is aim of this massive disinfo campaign so that people loose all their curiosity and interest and think all this is just Bizarre conspiracies.

Here are a few example of how mainstream media covers them.

Dailymail talks about Icke, – He claims he’s the son of God and that the world is run by invisible aliens. Moreover he contends the Queen and most of the world’s leaders are the result of humans breeding with reptiles who live inside the moon which is actually a giant spacecraft. The self-obsessed polygamist, who believes he can talk to hills, received a standing ovation despite claiming that 9/11 was an inside job and that Barack Obama is a reptile. ( That is the trick , people reject 9/11 was an inside job theory after listening that Obama is a reptile. ) Read full article here .

Another Similar article written by Guardian. ( Well the headline says it all ) – Beset by lizards. David Icke, one-time goalkeeper, TV presenter and self-proclaimed Son of God, has re-invented himself as a travelling guru. Would Canada take seriously his warnings of power-hungry extraterrestrial reptiles or would he be dismissed as an anti-Semitic bigot? Notice the year 2001. Read full article here
Notice they are covering him since a very long period.


Is the supposed truth movement another successful disinformation campaign ?? I think so.
Is the Elite winning this information battle. ?? Unfortunately they are.